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projet éducatif de VMSF

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Excerpt from Decree 2002 - 885 Ministry of youth of 3 May 2002 on the educational project.
  • Art. 1.-the educational project mentioned in the second paragraph of article l 227 - 4 l code social and family action is described in a document prepared by the physical or legal person responsible of the children in the holiday and leisure centers without accommodation. This document takes into account, in the organisation of collective life and in the practice of various activities the psychological and physiological needs of the children. When l ' Organizer welcomes in holiday or leisure without accommodation of valid minors and minors with disabilities or health problems, the educational project takes into account the specificities of this home.
  • art. 2 - The educational project defines the objectives of the educational activities of those who direct and animate the holiday centres and outlines the measures taken by the physical or legal person responsible of the center. People who direct and animate the stay in a holiday centre or a recreation without accommodation centre become aware of the educational project prior to their entry into Office. They are aware of the material and financial resources available.
  • Art. 3 - The person who runs the stay in a center of holiday or leisure without accommodation centre is implementing the above-mentioned educational project and specifies the conditions of realization in a document developed in consultation with people who animate the stay. This document takes into account the age of the minors. It specifies notably:-the nature of the activities available according to the material that is available, and, when dealing with PE, the conditions in which they are implemented. -Timing organization (activities and resting time). -The arrangements for the minors' participation and if necessary, the measures envisaged for minors with health disorders or disability; -The way the team operates - composed of the Director mentionned in the first subparagraph, the animators and those who participate in taking care of the minors; -The characteristics of accomodations and spaces used.
  • Art. 4 - The educational project as well as the documents referred to in article 3 shall be communicated to the legal representatives of minors before the saty. They disclosed, under conditions fixed by Decree of the Minister responsible for youth, to the agents referred to in l ' L article. 227 9 l code ' social and family action.
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