Organizing holiday musical and artistic Association(ACM - receptions collectives of minors)and stays specific (artistic internship and European meetings) for children and young people from 6 to 20 years.

Since its inception in 1988, the association (law 1901) Holiday musical Sans Frontières (VMSF) wished to offer to younger generations of spaces unpublished practices, trade and artistic encounters.
Its founder, Michel Boulanger, teacher and lover passionate, relying on his knowledge of popular education networks, is surrounded by an experienced team extended to professional artistic circles thus providing a human potential open and broken cultural practices of young people.

VMSF chose the institutional framework of the Youth Ministry to allow the greatest number, beginners and amateur enthusiasts, live, school vacation time, a real artistic immersion.
With a program of more than 100 thematic stays (ACM and stays specific), followed each year by more than 3500 young people, VMSF is now an association of reference at the national and European levels.

VMSF is the origin of the concept of "rock stays". After more than 20 years of experience in this field, the association is now the stays of contemporary musicspecialist.

In addition to artistic holiday (ACM) stays, VMSF offers since its creation young European meetings , including the Franco-German musical Exchange. These specific stays now welcome many young Europeans wishing to share their artistic vacation with a young French.

To expand and diversify its audiences, VMSF organizes also intensive artistic and music courses for young people with an advanced initial practice.
Today, with Arty & Designcourses, thematic programmes of the association opens more broadly to contemporary creation.

Association of VMSF project could not be achieved without educational and pedagogical commitment of many musicians and artists, students and teachers accompanying young participants.

Sophie Denis secretariat and planning
Henri-Joël Rio pedagogical coordinator
Sébastien Rossano dissemination and communication
Yann Spicq Technical Director
Marie-José Taurus service accounting
Gaston Tavel Artistic Director

e-mail: first name.name@vmsf.org


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