The framework of employment of casual teaching staff in centres of vacation and leisure.

Among the adults who supervise children or adolescents and animate the activities in holiday and leisure centres there are many non-professional animators who take a commitment towards the young ones. These people, whose capacity is recognized through the patent of Aptitude to the functions of facilitator (BAFA) and the patent of Aptitude to the Function of Director (AfDB), serve as animators or occasional directors in the holiday and leisure centres.

The legislative framework of temporary staff in holiday centres and leisure is defined by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and associativelife : the law on associative volunteering and educational commitment. This Act is designed to establish a legal structure for all forms of volunteering in France and in Europe, but also to enable the improvement of the status of animators and occasional holiday centres directors.

For more information see the website of the Ministry of youth


Daily allowances and benefits in kind

Temporary teaching staff employed by VMSF are paid on the applicable tariff bases.

These are indicative (approximate) daily allowances received by teaching staff according to the position :

Director of holiday : 37 euros/day

Responsible for specific stay : 37 euros/day

Deputy Director of holiday : 35 euros/day

Host of holiday : 26 euros/day

In charge of Health and lifeguard : 28 euros/day

The nature of the activities of holiday centres, requiring a continuous presence with children and young people, involves educational responsibilities, monitoring and animation. In return, the accommodation and food-related benefits are fully granted by the association.





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