Are you part of a Works Council or work with children in a public-law body ?We are there to study any project of partnership together.
We offer 3 modes of operation.

1 - Group Booking

You choose stays from all of our offer and a fixed number of places by stay. We secure your selection until a date of retrocession of the booking we've agreed upon.

2 - The "open catalogue"

Your employees have access to all of our offer.

3 - The "original project"

We can work out together a tailor-made thematic program according to your wishes and constraints (dates, ages, places...).


Transport and children pre-transport

Departures from Paris : We can transport the children from an airport or a parisian railway station up to the departure station.
From outside Paris : We can transport your children from a provincial railway station to a parisian one or to the holiday centre.

Since the foundation of VMSF in 1988, numerous Works Councils and local authorities have chosen our themed stays to provide for the children of their employees or beneficiaries.
CNRS - IBM - RENAULT - DASSAULT - Department of Finance - Ministry of Culture -City Hall of Paris - France Telecom - Airbus - Cité des Sciences - IGESA - Centre Georges Pompidou - Opéra National de Paris - Le Monde...


For a more complete overview of our stays or receive our paper catalogues and posters please contact:

Sébastien Rossano
01 40 33 30 16

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