Conditions of sale


Annual membership

The stays are reserved to the members of the association VMSF. The annual membership is required to have access to our stays. The price of the annual membership is currently 12€ per family.


Stays and transportation prices

The "stay" price include : full accommodation, round the clock supervision, activities and insurance. 'Transport' price covers the transport from Paris to the holiday centre (by train, plane or coach), transfer by bus from the train station or airport to the holiday Centre if applicable, the supervision during the journeys (to and from holiday centre), and insurance. We have an offer for the transfers of children travelling alone from Paris (Paris/train stations OR Paris/airport transfers).

Terms and conditions of booking

Online (payment by credit card)
Your payment will be made by credit card on the secure site of our bank Crédit Mutuel. We will offer you the choice of paying at once, 2 or 3 times depending on length of stay and time to which you are registering.

By mail (payment by cheque).
Send a 212€ cheque payable to VMSF (= 200€ for the booking of the stay and €12 for the payment of your annual membership).
NB : The annual membership is mandatory. Only one registration per family is necessary for a calendar year and it shall cover all stays.
If you have already paid your annual membership at a previous registration, then you need to pay only 200€.
For bookings secured less than 45 days prior to departure, you must pay the full cost of the stay + transportation + transfer fees and annual membership (if applicable).

** VMSF accepts holiday vouchers issued by the French CAF. Please contact us for more info.



VMSF shall declare any injury of a participant to its insurance company (MAIF). Material degradation or the stealing of personal items are also part of the contrat : they must be declared if the liability of parents or guardians is not committed. An excess of around 150 euros has to be paid by the owner. VMSF does not include cancellation insurance.


Changes and cancellations by VMSF

We reserve the right:
- to cancel all open item 15 days prior to departure.
- to change the prices in case of change of transport tariffs, tax rates or important evolution of the cost of living.
- to change the dates of departure or return, depending on the travel by train or by plane.
- to cancel a trip involving a insufficient number of participants. In this case, the amount paid will be reimbursed fully.


Cancellation by the participant

One month before the date of departure : deduction of 40 euros.
Less than one month before the date of departure : deduction of 50% of the price of the stay.
In case of illness, of an accident or family problems, please contact us.


In case of a return ahead of time

Any departure during the stay cannot result in refund, except in a case of force majeure (illness or accident), in which case, only costs of the days not spent in the centre and accommodation may be reimbursed. Early return fees are borne by the family, except in the case of medical evacuation.


Necessary Avacuation of the participant

The evacuation of a participant is decided by our insurer (Inter Mutuelle Assistance) in consultation with the requested medical services.


Transport fares

Transport services are subject to very specific deadlines, VMSF reserves the right, in the case of cancellation, to not reimburse the costs incurred for transportation.


Repayment to the Member

In all cases (cancellations, ahead of time returns), reimbursement to the Member will occur after the holiday period, on written request and submission of supporting documents.


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