Editorial 2014

"The artist is childborn" Even at sixteen. Even at thirty. The very first artist is the child of the Andersen fairy tale, screaming in public "The King is naked !" while all applaud at his so-called new coat. But the artist is not naive : he puts his foot in his mouth, and says to the crowd, microphone in hand, as in a punk-grunge song, "the King is naked !!!"
We must imagine him taking his guitar and be joined by two other children, bass, drums. Birth of the first power trio. "LE ROI EST NU !" "THE KING IS NAKED !!!".

The king is not very happy, but finally, he notices the people really like the gig.
If the king doesn't like this music, well he has to be loved by his people, be popular, be pop. Then, with a majestic gesture, he asks the police not to intervene with the three urchins. They will even be the ones to play for the next great royal feast.

Aristole think that we should let the children play with their rattles (yet, it is very noisy) so they don't break anything in the house.
Let men make music so they don't break anything in society. Aristote's rattle today is the electric guitar... Play, now !!!"

Francis Métivier

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