Music, arts and cultural education as we conceive it, seeks to arouse in children and young people a personal look at the world. During a stay, the collective practice of all kinds of music in artistic creation and the diversity of cultural approaches enrich themselves and feed on each other.
We will then seek to develop in the children the capacity to explore, to imagine, to invent. We will encourage them to display originality and a high level of requirement so that they assert themselves on their own aesthetic universe. Finally, we will promote their ability to communicate, to incorporate their musical expression in a framework, to propose to others their artistic creation.
Today, thanks to technological progress, we are at a very favourable moment to bring contemporary art to holiday centres. Thus, we will not miss out on the opportunity Internet offers us to let young people explore new territories of exploration. They will discover contemporary art to investigate other horizons, far away from aesthetic ghettos that too often isolate their cultural practices. And just as the artist needs the eyes of others to create, we believe that the vacation time is a priviledged moment to experience the adventure of artistic creation. Committed amateurs or professional artists, we expect from those who wish to lead musical and artistic workshops with children and young people that they above all be keen on transmitting their passion for music and the arts in general.


Gaston Tavel

Artistic Director

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