How long you exist?

The "Holiday music without frontiers" association was established in 1988 on the initiative of a team of teachers, people working within movements of popular education, and a long musician-educator.

Are you approved, what are your guarantees?

The VMSF association is approved by the ministries of youth n ° 75 JEP 04-317 and tourism n ° IM075100179.
She joined the National Union of Associations of tourism (UNAT).

What differences do you do between musical and artistic holiday stays, specific trips and music courses?

Music courses are, in General, focusing on instrumental technique. the practice of specific directories. The students receive classes teachers. Young students want first and foremost progress technically and musically. Internships are therefore part of an approach training.

The musical and artistic holiday stays are generally organized by the associations law of 1901 with nonlucrative goal. Focuses on the concept of "holiday break" the pleasure to live, play, and create set, child/adult. The stay of holiday is part of the field of recreation of the youth participant. A project educational written by team reveals the objectives Educational, cultural and social. An important place is given to the Exchange the discovery, the confrontation, the development of the taste, critical mind but also to the notion of individual and collective autonomy of responsibility and freedom of expression of each. Fasting is "actor" of his stay. Adults consider activities such as teaching methods and not as goals to be achieved. The framework adheres to the artistic objectives, pedagogical and educational of the organizing association. It frames the youth 24 hours, and as such, participates in significant part, on a voluntary basis and activist.

We offer in addition to our musical and artistic holiday stays a program called "specific" stays.
As stays of holidays for young miners "specific stays" are placed under the supervision of the Ministry of youth. This is most often of European meeting organized in partnership with a European body. These European stays foster mutual understanding between young people of different countries. Program activities are based on cultural diversity, multicultural and language of Europe. Today, musical holiday Without borders particularly developing the concept of European musical stays in France. Each year new topics such as "European Rock and French language. foreign"are offered to French and European youth. In addition we offer musical and artistic specific trips for young people from 15 to 20 years with a musical or artistic practice advanced.

Do you have a project?

Our holiday stays offers the ideal conditions for a true immersion young people in the world of creativity and artistic expression.
Around all music, circus, theatre and dance, arts of cinema or art, VMSF registered projects in an awareness process and discovery focusing on playful fun and creations practices artistic collective.
Novice or amateur, each young person can find his place and participate, its extent and its rhythm, to the collective achievement of artistic creation original.
In each of our stay our programs support both on the expectations and tastes of young people, but on the cultural contribution and the discovery of the different techniques of expression proposed by our teams animation.
Generally our stays take place in three phases: a first period of discovery and exploration of thematic activities, a second experimental and practice of the various modes of expression chosen by the child or the young, and finally, a design and realization of a creation phase collective. The latter can take various forms: concert, show,. musical comedy, circus show, parade and Carnival, ball, sound exposure, evening of music, audio recording, or video...
Explore, discover, express themselves, play and create, live together, and occur in public in various sites (Auditorium, festival, place of) village, market, theatre, open stage, monuments...), these are the educational goals of our artistic stays. We invite you to download our educational and artistic project on our website (downloads area).

How do you use animators and directors?

Every year more than 70 managers and 350 animators frame our stays for all school holiday periods.

What children and young people register for your trips?

More than 3,500 children (from 6 years) and young people (up to 18 years) attend each year our stays. 60% of them are entrusted to us by through committees of companies or Institutions and 40 per cent are part individually.
Usually 50% have no initial musical practice, 30% start learning instrument and 20% have a regular practice for several years. All socio-professional backgrounds are represented.
Each year dozens of children from disadvantaged backgrounds benefit from our stay thanks to the financial support we bring to associations charity (Secours Populaire, Social Services).

Not having the B.A.F.A (patent of proficiency Facilitator), can I expect to have a position of animation in one your centres?

Yes. The legislation of the Ministry of youth takes between 30% and 40% of animators non-graduates per team depending on the number of participants. In addition, if you have a musical or artistic practice regular you have all opportunities to join our teams. Do not hesitate to consult our page on Animation training, you will have all information concerning training framed by the legislation of the Ministry of youth.

Do not have the B.A.F.D (patent of ability the duties of Director), can I for an exemption for the direction of a holiday centre and under what conditions?

Certified education Nationale teachers and teachers of schools are now entitled to lead holiday stays that are approved by the Ministry youth holiday. Some patents of State and university graduates also allow their holders to lead a holiday (BPJEPS, BAETEP centre, DEFA, DECEP, CAPASE, BEES, BEESAPT, DUT, DEUST...).
For others, a derogation from the B.A.F.D is possible provided you have more than 22 years and be in possession of the BAFA.
This exemption is valid for 6 months only and is non-renewable.

How your teams are composed, what is the number of adults per report number of children or young people?

Generally our coaching teams are recruited on the basis of an adult 6 children (up to 12 years old) or adult for 7 to 8 young people (under 18 years old). For example, for a stay of 36 children aged less than 12, must be count 6 adults, or 4 leaders + Deputy Director and Director.

What are the positions?

Without exception, our management teams consist of an Executive Director holder (or equivalent) of the B.A.F.D. or in-training, a Director associated responsible project artistic (music teacher, Dumiste, musician Professional,...), a health officer graduate and animators X (holders the B.A.F.A or in-training) having technical and pedagogical skills confirmed in musical or artistic fields.
We are also recruiting officials of specific holidays, generally professional musicians with the command of a European language.

What is the framework of employment on Administrative and legal teams coaching of vacation and specific trips?

The framework of employment is the responsibility of the Act to the "volunteering and the commitment" associative"applied in the Collective agreement of the Animation Socioculturelle.
Article 11 of the framework of employment defines the situation of teaching staff casual holiday (HP) and recreation without accommodation centres (CLSH) with regard to the right to work:
The educational commitment is defined as when an individual to participate with occasional (less than 180 days per year) to the functions animation or direction of a collective home of minors during school holidays, professional leave or recreation by a legal person of private law at not-for-profit under the conditions provided for in articles l. 227 - 4 et seq. of the code of social action and families.
Is deemed to be the situation of persons who, on behalf of a Association with a clearance of the administrative authority and in the same time limits, are involved in coaching for internships the people involved in a course of training to exercise These same functions.
The conditions for intervention of the people under this commitment educational exhibit many characteristics: permanent presence with children,. difficulty in determining the actual working time, casual nature of the cooperation, participation in the development and conduct of the training project. This situation justifies it is waived in the following chapters of the code of work: chapters 1 (minimum growth wage) and II (overtime) of title IV of book 1, chapters II (duration of work) and III (night work) the title 1 of book II, preliminary chapters (daily rest) and 1 (rest weekly) of title II of the same book.
Persons with a contract of education shall be paid on the basis of a daily package. The party concerned enjoys a rest weekly minimum of twenty-four consecutive hours. The terms of reference counting time work and verification of the application of these provisions by the Labour Inspectorate are laid down by Decree.
Article 11 is supplemented by an article l. 774 - 2 Thus worded:
The occasional, under the conditions laid down below, participation of a individual functions of animation or direction of a home collective of minors during school holidays, leave Professional or leisure by a person governed by private law non profit,. under the conditions provided for in articles l. 227 - 4 et seq. of the code of the action social and family, it is called education.
Persons with a contract of education are not subject to the provisions of 1 sections (minimum growth wage) and II (overtime) of title IV of book 1, chapters II (duration labour) and III (night work) of title 1 of book II, nor to those sections preliminary (daily rest) and 1 (weekly rest) of title II of the same book.
Without prejudice to the allowances and benefits in kind which they can benefit, persons with a contract of education perceive a pay the minimum daily amount of which is fixed by decree by reference the minimum wage growth. This remuneration is paid at least once per month.
The hours of work of persons with an educational commitment contract is fixed by convention or agreement extended branch, or failing that, by Decree. The number of days worked may not exceed a ceiling for each person annual eighty. The party concerned enjoys a minimum weekly rest period twenty-four consecutive hours. The terms and conditions of the work time count and verification of the application of these provisions by inspection labour are fixed by Decree.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the host?

The duties and responsibilities of the host are determined by the legislation of holiday centres approved by the Ministry of youth and by the educational employment agreement.
Its functions and responsibilities are complemented by the initial educational project VMSF and the project educational and artistic of the stay issued by the Director B.A.F.D and Deputy Director.
The facilitator frames children or young people throughout the day. He leads the specific activities for which he has been recruited and is responsible for the accompaniment of the daily life of the child or young person and this, whatever of its specialization artistic.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the B.A.F.D Director for a stay holiday or the person in charge of a specific stay?

The functions and responsibilities of the Director are determined by legislation holiday centres approved by the Ministry of youth and the contract educational commitment. Its functions and responsibilities are complemented by the initial educational project of VMSF. The Director is mandated by VMSF vis à vis Ministries of youth and tourism, VMSF and of course partners families/parents.
It is also responsible for specific musical stays or European.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Director Assistant of the artistic project of the stay?

The functions and responsibilities of the Deputy Director of the artistic project are also the responsibility of the educational contract. They are supplemented by the initial educational project of VMSF and the educational and artistic residence project prepared by the artistic director of VMSF and the BAFD Director recruited for the the direction of the centre.

Are there specific regulations for centres of holiday?

Yes. You can easily obtain the texts of this legislation with services of your departmental Directorate of youth and on the site of Ministry of youth or on the website of the Ministry of youth.


How to access the VMSF artistic and educational project ?

You can download our artistic and educational project on our website (downloads area).

What is the compensation for a moderator position?

In accordance with the contract of educational commitment is a compensation flat-rate daily. Currently this remuneration is located around 26 euros per day. For more information see our web page framework of employment.

What is the pay for a position of Director B.A.F.D and Deputy Director of the artistic project or person in charge of a stay specific?

In accordance with the contract of educational commitment is a compensation flat-rate daily. Currently this pay is around 37 Euro net per day. For more information see our web page framework of employment.

Accommodation and transportation of personal expenses coaching are supported by VMSF?

Yes. VMSF ensures your accommodation full Board for the duration of stay and take in charge your return only trips departing from Paris.

I am intermittent du spectacle. Can you use me as such?

Yes, we are investigating the case by case basis this possibility. As a general rule, this framework of compensation must be motivated by the specificity of the artistic skills of the applicant. This framework of employment subject to a contract of employment specific and a number of stamps limited to 2 or 3 services per stay.

Are there an employment contract?

The establishment of the contract of employment is required. Each manager or Director signed a contract term referring to the conditions of employment, the duties and responsibilities of the employee and the employer's obligations.
In addition to the Labour Code, the contract is governed by the Act on the educational commitment applied in the Collective agreement of the sociocultural Animation.

What is the weekly rest days?

The Act mentions one day of rest per seven days of presence for the casual staff.

How does the recruitment of teams?

For managers of vacation or those responsible for specific stays, the recruitment is done on the basis of an interview (at the headquarters of the association Paris 20) with the educational and artistic director of VMSF.
For facilitators, they are recruited by the directors of stays and mainly by the Assistant Director in charge of the coordination of the artistic project. Some specialized facilitators can be recruited directly by the pedagogical coordinator of the association.
An electronic database of CV of facilitators is available to Directors.

Do you have specific criteria for the recruitment of your teams animation?

The first criteria are administrative, we apply the rules of the code of Work and the legislation of the Ministry of youth (respecting the framework of employment proposed by the Collective agreement of the sociocultural Animation, quota owners B.A.F.D/B.A.F.A/stagiaires, paperwork to submit to the employer, parental consent for minors, medical certificate,...).
These administrative recruitment criteria are complemented by the competency profiles technical and educational for the good implementation of the project activities specific to each stay.

Y-a-t-it before the stay a meeting with all team?

Yes, but this is not systematic, it is ultimately the Director of stay who decides the means to be implemented for the preparation of his stay. When it takes place, the meeting is coordinated by the management team and may take place at the headquarters of the association in Paris a few days before the beginning of the stay.

Mentoring must accompany the youth during the travel round trip?

Without exception, the animation teams accompany groups of children or youth for return transportation (train or flight of) Paris). The Assistant Directors or health officials are often commissioned by VMSF to ensure the coordination and the home of the station groups or at the airport. Some facilitators may invite VMSF to ensure exceptional escorts of children and/or youth to go back of the stay.

Should I bring my instrument on the centre, my hardware teaching staff?

Yes, this goes without saying for your instrument if you are a musician. As for the material teaching staff, that decision belongs to you, this is part of your commitment to the project of the association.

My instrument and the personal educational documents available to are young people insured?

Yes. Our insurance company is the MAIF. In some cases a franchise 150 euros can be your dependent if it is personal effects not made available to the group.

How does the programming and design of your trips?

For each new season programming we take account of the suggestions proposed by our management teams, when the balance sheets of end of season. We are also very attentive to remarks by young people, parents and our partners. Each year, we are looking for new destinations and create new artistic themes in order to meet the changing expectations of young people.

Can I suggest a project idea of our themes ?

Yes. If you have a project we will do everything to help you achieve it.

What do you do for your coaching teams training ?

We organize refresher courses for facilitators in training, B.A.F.A "music and the performing arts". VMSF offers since 2007 of courses on the theme "contemporary music and youth".
Since its creation, the association's VMSF project places a priority to the formation of its management teams. By partial or total support costs of courses, we encourage our youth facilitators motivated to the training at the B.A.F.D.
We have many educational partnerships with training organizations such as the IMFC, the FNEIJMA, the IFA...

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