What difference do you between musical vacation and music courses ?

Music courses are, in General, focusing on instrumental technique. the practice of specific directories. Students receive courses given by professors. The young students want first and foremost progress technically and musically. Internships are therefore part of an approach training.
Holiday them centres are generally organized by associations Act 1901 non profit. The concept of holiday centre favours the pleasure live, play and create set, child/adult. The holiday centre is part in the field of recreation for the young holidaymaker. A project prepared by the team Coaching reveals educational, cultural and social objectives. An important place is given to the Exchange, discovery, confrontation. the development of taste, of mind critical but also to the concept of responsibility individual and collective autonomy and freedom of expression of each. "The actor" is the young of his stay. Adults consider the activities such as teaching methods, not goals to be achieved. Coaching adheres to the goals artistic, pedagogical and educational association Organizer. He oversees the young 24, and thus participated for a important part of way volunteer and activist.

What are the characteristics of "specific stay"?

As the stays of vacation for young miners "specific stays" are places under the tutelage of the Ministry of youth. It is most often of European meetings in partnership with a European body. These European stays foster mutual understanding between young people of different countries. Program activities rely on cultural diversity, multicultural and language of Europe. Today, musical holiday Without borders particularly develops the concept of European musical tours in France. Each year new themes such as "European Rock and French language." "stranger" are available at French and European youth. In addition we offer musical and artistic specific stays for young people from 15 to 20 years with a musical or artistic practice advanced.

Is your stay welcome non-musiciens children?

Our tours cater to all of the child to the young teenager, that he novice, beginner or confirmed musician.

How many young people attend your stays each year?

Each year, more than 3500 participants, are spread over 60 tours, in France and abroad.

What is the number of participants by childcare?

Our centres are on average 40 participants, with a good balance boys/girls.

How can I get news of my child during the stay?

Through the information letter addressed to you prior to the start of stay, we provide holiday fixed telephone number as well as the number of mobile staff of the Director. If the centre holiday is not of a fixed line you can directly contact the Director on his laptop.
We offer a service of mail allowing directors audiotel Save the children news. You can have access to this service through a phone number and an access code that you will be provided by the newsletter.
When the structure of home equipment has a connection Internet, and if the technical means are we invite our directors to open a blog entry for you to live remote evolution the artistic project.
The use of mobile phones by young people is not prohibited in the VMSF holiday centres, nevertheless, we do the not for children of less than 12 years (elementary school). According to the situations and educational difficulties encountered, our directors and educational leaders can take responsibility to limit, regulate or prohibit its use.

Why set of age groups?

We respect the standards and legislation of the Ministry of youth, our Ministry responsible. Our activities and life in community projects are account of child development (physical, psychological, social and emotional) or the young of his abilities and interests. Thus, for each of our stays, we adapt the pace and duration of activities based on each slice of ages.

What are the music proposed to young people?

Our musical expression workshops are open to all music: music scholarly Western (old, classic, romantic...), current (all) music (rock styles, jazz, pop, variety... songs), traditional music of the world (popular, "world music"...), new music (creation, fusion, experimental...). Some thematic stays offer specific directories: Classic,. Rock, song, etc. Since a few years VMSF particularly develops its stays round the practices of the current music (pop, rock, jazz, rap...). VMSF is Today, at the national level, the association of reference in this field musical.

How much time is spent daily to music?

Musical workshops are spread over the whole of the day. For participants playing an instrument, the daily length of practice depends on age, the technical level but the instrument also practised (it is easier for) (play for one hour of the piano and the trumpet). We distinguish the practice individual, small group or large group. We can estimate an average 3 hours of practice per day. For non-musicians children, workshops of Discovery are spread over the day in increments of half an hour, or about two hours per day. Here again, we take into account the motivation and the desire of the child. Some exceptional days (outings, visits,) (hiking...) can be without music.

Should we bring his instrument?

Yes. When the young has one it is important for him to play on his own instrument. This is part of the education of the young musician. Our centres are equipped with pianos, keyboards electro-acoustiques or synthesizers, guitars, batteries. percussion... Some structures, specialized in the musical wake for example, have various instruments for the discovery of the main instrumental gestures. We advise to the young neophytes to personal project to learn an instrument in particular (electric guitar, djembe...) to on the centre their own instrument of so that they may train at their pace outside the time of collective workshops.

What instruments children novices can discover?

According to the themes of stays young vacationers can discover and learn percussion and drums, electric or bass guitar and piano... The younger may also follow instrumental discovery workshops (String), (brass, wood...).

Can my child follow the activities that it has chosen?

Please note here that our holiday stays are not courses. A participant (and this, regardless of age) must be able to hear his choices for adults and interests. Each is directly involved in the Organization, the programming of activities and the management of daily life. For stays for adolescents (13 to 17 years) we offer a "pedagogical Charter".

What musical activities?

According to the stay, we always offer a second or even a third activity dominant. Our programs are enriched each year by new artistic themes : music and comic, music and fashion design, music and cinema, magic, language, land art... Of course, all other activities usually part a traditional holiday stay are offered to young people (great games), (evenings to theme, bathing, cultural visits...).

Can you describe a day?

It's here for a day "type, contents and durations hours may vary depending on the duration and the conduct of stay (8 days, two or three weeks, beginning, middle, end of stay), the project activities, the number of participants of the holiday period (, winter,...) the weather...
Ages 6 to 12
08 h 30 hrs-09 Sunrise and breakfast phased
09 h 30-10 h 00 preparation of space activities and materials
10: 00 am-12: 00 musical and artistic expression workshops
12 h 00-12 h 30 dialogue, exchanges, individual initiatives
12 h 30-13 h 30 lunch
13 h 30-14 h 30 personal time
14 h 30-17 h 00 sports activities, thematic activities other than music
17 h 00-17 h 30 taste
17 h 30-19 h 00 musical and artistic expression workshops
19 h 00-19 h 30 personal time
19 h 30-20 h 30 dinner
20 h 30-21 h 15 evening theme and preparation at sunset
For ages 13 to 17
08 h 30-10 h 00 Sunrise and breakfast phased, time staff
10 h 30-12 h 30 workshops musical and artistic expression
12 h 30-13 h 30 lunch
13 h 30-15 h 00 individual initiatives or activities at the request
15 h 00-18 h 00 tasting and thematic activities
18 h 00-18 h 30 personal time
18 h 30-19 h 00 exchanges. consultation, assessment day and developed
19 h 00-20 h 00 dinner
20 h 00-22 h 00 evening theme
22 h 00-23 h 00 preparation at sunset

How are the accommodation and restoration?

Our home sites are accredited by the Ministry of youth and have the permissions issued by the DDASS and the Security Commission Services. We attach a very great importance to the quality of accommodation and meals. The rooms are generally 3 to 6 beds, the kitchen is developed on the spot. Some structures accommodation have a clear interest for the proposed activity (ex.) (: rock music) or their stamp (e.g.: architecture, ancient site...), and the atmosphere who releases.

Are the instruments of the youth they insured?

Yes. We provide equipment and instruments to the MAIF. Accident, a franchise of 150 euros is very often the responsibility of the owner of the instrument. If the young has an instrument of value (more), we recommend assure him of your side. Some cases (voluntary deterioration, loss...) may involve the civil responsibility of the parents.

Who oversees the youth?

Generally, our tours are supervised by young licensed musicians animators certificate of proficiency of host (BAFA), very often students. The animation team is coordinated by the patent holder Director aptitude in the functions of Director (AfDB), very often teacher, and by an artistic Manager of the project. It presents a high-level technicity and experience in dealing with the (conductor, choirmaster, arranger, musician, comedian...). We insist here on the activist involvement of our teams for the development of our association project.

What are you doing for security?

A graduate holder Health Manager (first aid) is mandatory part of the coaching team. The team is this 24 h on 24 h. We respect the standards and regulations of the Ministry of youth (1 adult) (for children 6 or 7 youth). In addition, some musicians or artists join According to stay our teams of animation to animate activities requiring a high level of skills (music, cinema, theatre, dance...). Concerning the security, in all cases, we have to refer the regulation of the Ministry Youth and do appeal to common sense and the responsibility of every adult.

What should I do to register my child?

We offer you two possibilities. You can book a trip online in using our secure platform (regulation by credit card) or by mail advising a registration paper (settlement by cheque).

How to perform the transport?

Two to three weeks before the start of the stay, we extend you a summons starting. Exceptions, all our transports are by train or plane at the start of Paris. Return trips are accompanied and supervised by 1 adult to 10 children or 12 young people. The group is placed under the responsibility an adult (very often the Assistant Director or the Health Manager).
We also offer a service station/station (Paris) or Airport/Airport transfers (Paris) for young people travelling alone to Paris to join the collective journey organized by VMSF out of Paris.

Do you accept cheques-vacances, good CIF, etc.?

VMSF accepts holiday vouchers issued by the family allowance funds. (Acceptance subject to the specific conditions of your FCA départementale), thus that cheque-holidays. To meet the social purpose of our association and allow the number to participate in our tours we develop since our creation of partnerships with national networks of the business committees and Social Services.
In addition, we work each year in collaboration with associations charity to give the poor access to our artistic holiday.
Finally, we are listening to our members and families in difficulties, in proposing, depending on the situation, payment facilities.
** Vouchers issued by the FCA cannot be used for the settlement of stays reported to the departmental Direction of youth as "Stays specific" : Franco-German meetings, European musical meetings, European rock stays and French foreign language...

Are your holidays officially accredited?

Yes: Accreditation Department youth no. 75 JEP 04-317 and leisure tourism n ° IM075100179

How many are you standing at the headquarters of the association?

We are 7 permanent. 1 technical and administrative, 1 Director artistic director, 1 head of partnerships, 1 educational coordinator, 1 head of the planning reservations, 2 heads of service management and accounting.

What are your partners?

The Ministry of youth, the German Office for youth and many departments and agencies entrust us children and young people by through their Social Services. Finally, many committees of companies (EC) us seek for the Organization of the holiday of the children of their employees. Association (law 1901) VMSF is adherent to the UNAT (Union Nationale) (the tourist Associations and outdoor) since 1998.
We are also developing educational partnerships with some national training organizations such as CFMI, the FNEIJMA, the IFA. These partnerships are established to recruit more skilled and motivated coaching by our association project.

What are you doing for the poor?

Association of VMSF project is to provide access to culture and the artistic creation to the largest number. Also, VSMF provides since its creation, the extent of his means, substantial financial support to the poor by through partnerships with charities to national vocation.

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