Some advice for the choice of a stay

It is essential to involve the child or young in the choice of his stay. Take the time to read carefully with him the program proposed activities.
If the child is very young (ages 6 to 8) don't forget to remind him that he can express its expectations and that it will be heard by adults, in other words that it will not "forced to participate" in all activities. If, for example,. He does not like singing, dancing, or write the lyrics of a song, it may certainly participate in other activities; Introduction to the piano, the guitar, to the percussion, draw, learn magic tricks, build a cabin...
For the larger, you must understand the actual motivations of your child to avoid any disappointment.
Our trips are before any focus on musical and artistic practices. the young must have the desire to participate at least in two or three featured activities on the description of stay chosen. Know that our programs "activities" "elective" initially presented are always enriched the field by other proposals from facilitators or some young participants.

Register a child with his brother, a friend...

This can effectively reassure young children who travels for the first time. If the age difference is not too large, it will be possible to share the same room on request on your part or the children who wishes to be in the same room. Many adolescents are with their friends from midle school, high school, or the musicians of their rock band for example. This reassures young teens who are often afraid to not meet new friends sharing the same musical tastes than them.

How to register your child

We offer you two possibilities. You can book a trip online and our secure platform (pay by credit card) or by mail sending us a registration paper (pay by cheque).

The administrative follow-up and the record of the participant

As soon as we received your payment we will send you a registration confirmation by mail.
On your side, you must download on our Web site (space) (Downloads) the minor participant info sheet and return it by mail duly filled in as soon as possible before the beginning of the stay.
We will send you, on the other hand, about 15 days prior to departure:
-A convocation of departure (SNCF or aircraft schedules, an appointment on the spot) (information about the trip).
-A letter of information.
-VMSF labels for the luggage of your child.


Possible financial aid
VMSF accepts Bons Vacances issued by the family allowance funds ** and Chèques-Vacances.
To meet the social purpose of our association and allow the greatest number to participate in our trips we developed since our creation a partnerships with national networks such as companies’ committees and Social Care.
In addition, we work each year in collaboration with charities in order to give access to our artistic holiday to people coming from lower social classes.
Finally, we are available for communication with our members and families in difficulties, in proposing, depending on the situation, payment facilities.
** Bonds  issued by the FCA cannot be used for the payment of stays reported to the departmental Direction of youth as "Stays specific" namely the "internships" and "European meetings": Franco-German meetings. appropriate European meetings, stays arty, master class, European rock stays and French foreign language...


Round-trip transportation
We organize one trip leaving from Paris. The price of round-trip transportation includes accompanying child (1 adult for 10 children) and the bus transfer from the train station to the holiday center. The ticket is indivisible, the purchase of the round trip is required.
If you choose to accompany your child on the hosting site by your own means we can offer you a time slot of 2 hours for the arrival and the departure of the child.
Contact us for any delayed arrival or anticipated departure or call directly the Director.
In this case, we recommend that you do everything to facilitate the integration or the departure of your child in inviting you to not stay too long on the center.
We offer a service of transfer station/station (Paris) or Airport/Airport (Paris) for young people travelling alone to Paris.


The administrative documents and compulsory identity papers
For stays in France
The child’s national identity card is mandatory if the trip is done by plane.
For stays abroad the national identity car of the child  and an authorization to exit the country are requested, they are issued in town hall or Prefecture. (If the child has a personal passport, exit permission is not required).
The European social security card is also requested.


We subscribed for an insurance with the MAIF under N ° 1692075R. For any physical accident of a participant, VMSF systematically write a declaration to its insurer. The degradation of equipment or theft of personal items are also subjected to a declaration to the insurance if the one of the parents’ or guardians are not engaged. Depending on the case, a 150 euros fee is to be paid by the owner.


Travelling for the first time
From the arrival of the children at the center, our management teams are particularly listening to those who travel for the first time. During the stay, adults know how to react when confronted to small "home sick" feelings. From your side, if you think of any information that could help meeting the need of the child, do not hesitate to contact the Director. In this case, fill in very accurately and legibly the information sheet for a better understanding by the adults who will have the responsibility of the child.
Before the departure you must, of course, reassure the child, telling him that he will meet new friends of his age, discover great activities... and most importantly, tell him to trust adults, and to not hesitate to tell his/her animator about small concerns before informing you. One telephone call from Dad or MOM can sometimes cause emotional disturbance in the child who is away from his family, also avoid call daily on the center to encourage the integration of your child. In case of family issues, it is sometimes better to directly contact the Director for news of the child.


Daily time table

Here, you will found a typical day, the contents and durations of activities may vary depending on the duration and the course of the stay (8 days, two or three weeks, beginning, middle, end of stay), project activities. the number of participants of the holiday period (, winter,...) of the weather...
Ages 6 to 12
08 h 30 hrs-09 Get up then breakfast
09 h 30-10 h 00 preparation of activities and hardware/sound system/props
10: 00 am-12: 00 musical and artistic expression workshops
12 h 00-12 h 30 dialogue, exchanges, individual initiatives
12 h 30-13 h 30 lunch
13 h 30-14 h 30 personal time
14 h 30-17 h 00 sports activities, thematic activities other than music
17 h 00-17 h 30 snack
17 h 30-19 h 00 musical and artistic expression workshops
19 h 00-19 h 30 personal time
19 h 30-20 h 30 dinner
20 h 30-21 h 15 evening theme and preparation before going to bed

For ages 13 to 17
08 h 30-10 h 00 Get up then breakfast, personal time
10 h 30-12 h 30 musical and artistic expression workshops
12 h 30-13 h 30 lunch
13 h 30-15 h 00 individual initiatives or activities : you choose
15 h 00-18 h 00 snack and thematic activities
18 h 00-18 h 30 personal time
18 h 30-19 h 00 exchanges. consultation, assessment day and developed
19 h 00-20 h 00 dinner
20 h 00-22 h 00 evening theme
22 h 00-23 h 00 preparation for going to bed
VMSF - Practical information

In case of sickness during the stay

In case of illness, the person responsible for first-aid accompanies the child to the doctor and will pay in advance the costs (medical and pharmacy fees). The Director will contact you asap to inform and reassure you.
We will keep the bills and give them tp you so that you can reimbourse VMSF. You will be informed by email of the amount of the costs incurred. For any repatriation we use the Inter Mutual Assistance service.

Monitoring of medical treatment during the stay

If your child follows a special treatment, we ask you to write clearly on the information on a sheet of papaer. Put the drugs in your child's lugage along with the prescription (or a photocopy) and an explanatory note written for the Director. For any major health problem requiring attention and particular care we ask you to contact directly the Director of the stay a few days before the departure.

Our health Manager

He/She is graduate, trained in first-aid, he/she is in charge of the medical follow-up of children who have a treatment. He/she does what is needed in case of a slight injury and immediately contact a doctor if she/he detects any symptom. Along with the director, the person in charge of health is the privileged interlocutor with the parents in case of illness.

News of your child during the stay

Thanks to the information letter addressed to you prior to the start of stay, we provide you the holiday center home telephone number as well as the personal phone number of the Director. If the holiday center does not have a home phone, you can directly join the Director on her/his laptop.
We offer a service of voicemail allowing directors to record messages giving news about the children. You can access this service with a phone number and a code access which will be sent to you in the letter of information.
When the structure which welcomes the teenagers is equiped with an internet connection, and if the technical means allows it, we invite our managers to open a blog to let you know about the evolution of the artistic project.
The use of mobile phones by young people is not prohibited in the VMSF holiday centers, nevertheless, we do not recomend it for children under 12 years (elementary school). According to the situations and educational difficulties encountered, our directors and educational leaders can take responsibility to limit, regulate or prohibit its use.

Our advice for the preparation of the stocklist

We offer a sheet for children under than 12 years (elementary school) it is a stocklist that is to be placed in the the child's lugage. It's a complete list of clothing that you just to tick so that we can proceed to the inventory at the beginning and end of stay. If necessary, do not forget to mention all clothing, objects and personal effects not listed on our available list available on our internet website (space downloads). Children over 12 years (middle school) will manage themselves their clothing and their luggage storage.

Linen and laundry during the stay

We provide sheets and blankets. Our teams provide a service of laundry (underwear and small towels) for stays longer than 12 days. In case of individual problems, while shorter stays (less than 12 days) our teams will take care of everything and to meet the needs of the children.

Pocket money, mobile phone...

At the beginning of stays, our directors offer to young people wishing to put their pocket money and other personal belongings in a safe place. Young people over 12 years (college) are responsible for their pocket money, as well as their laptop, mp3...  if they do not give it to the Director.

Participants musical instruments

Since several years, our current music stays (rock school, rock...) met a great success with young people. We recommend that for those are mainly motivated by learning to play the electric guitar or bass to bring their own instrument. In all cases the children or the young musicians should bring their musical instrument. Our centres are equipped with pianos, drums, various percussion... For other instruments non-transportable do not hesitate to contact us before you register your child. Any personal instrument with a value greater than 700 euros must also be provided by its owner.

The rules proposed to the kids/teenagers
Getting up time and night time vary depending on the age, periods of stays and holiday periods. (For example, the summer heat can shift those periods...)
But in general the time to go to bed is between 21h and 22h for 6 to 11 years, from 22h30 for the 12/14 years and 23 p.m.... for those over 15 years.
For each stay, the educational project of the animation team takes into account the needs of the children/teenagers according to their age. At the arrival of the children/teenagers, a clear presentation of the rules is given, everyone can understand the need to respect the safety and community rules. In that respect, the strict legislation of the Ministry of youth cannot be negotiated.
Adult/adult, adult/child, child/child relations are based on trust and mutual respect, listening, and consideration of all. Everyone must create an attitude of openness and of solidarity. In this spirit, the active participation of young people can be requested in the field of the organization of the activities of the material management of some moments of life, and if necessary, the reorientation of the artistic objectives and the rules of life during the stays...
No offensive words or discriminatory character, no aggressive or violent behavior is tolerated.

If the Director considers that the behaviour of a teenager/child does not suit the rules, he may decide to exclude him.
You can view the educational and artistic project of the VMSF association on our internet site (space downloads).

Our educational Charter for youth

We offer an educational Charter for teenagers over 13 years. We send you this charter by mail with the newsletter a few days before the departure. It recals and gives you the legislation for young children. You can consult our educational Charter on our website (downloads area).

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