Musical holiday without borders (VMSF)

Association Loi 1901 non profit

It was founded by the adherents and has the current status of association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and Decree of August 16, 1901. It is entitled: musical holiday without borders (symbol: V.M.S.F). Its head office is situated in 26 bis rue de la Chine 75020 Paris. The association has several objectives: to make discover and promote the culture of music & musical practise, especially during leisure time. To do so, it promotes the development and democratization of the musical culture and its practise. To achieve this goal,it organizes, conducts or makes conduct meetings, exchanges, achievements, productions and performances, including live performances, stays and internships both in France and abroad. The actions of the association is addressed especially to young people, including those who do not have musical knowledge yet. It ensures that these programs remain accessible to all, including young people from lower backgrounds. Only members who paid their annual fee can participate and benefit from the activities proposed by the association.

This statement was published in the Official Gazette of March 02, 1988.

Composition of the bureau

Michel Boulanger president

Philippe Monard Secretary

Jean-Gilles Dalmbert Treasurer



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