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The rock as social ecology

Music is the social the art par excellence: it is often played, for an audience, it is the experience of sharing common emotions. It is also an organisation of the time by the sound energy. These concepts may seem distant, they are nonetheless vital especially during teenagehood when teenagers look for both  identity and group identity in which music will be at the heart of the exchanges. Music is a vehicle for socialization, recovery and expression at an age when sometimes words may seem not enough to express oneself. The rock, with its roots in blues, jazz, carries a phenomenal energy, an energy that is expressed, but also that is communicated to the audience and sent back to the band. It is a music of our time, which enhances the creation of the community and which also make it the share with everybody. Its practise, while allowing the group to exist, will transmit the values of musical work, group development, mutual trust within the band and eventually, and most importantly, it enables to share with the others, with the public. It is a factor of social ecology. Tragic and joyful, festive and deep, calling to dance, creating listening to a sound stream, it is a fair and strong expression of teenagehood creating itself while trying to find its place in the world.Holiday music without borders has long been on the social life of young people and the musical practise. To achieve this purpose, it is important to propose diversity. Nowadays, it is logical and just that rock finds its place in the musical stays for teens proposed by the association in its holiday resorts.

European music stays

European meetings for cultural diversity
There are many  teenagers nowadays wishing to practise rock music, but they are also likely to want to play musica from the classical repertoires, traditional music or contemporary creations. Thus VMSF is not about imposing on the youth a standardization of musical practises, the goal of our European packages is not only to protect this diversity of music amateurs but also to enhance diversity. Keeping this in mind, our European musical encounters are based on our commitment to a "cultural ecology" which incorporates diversity as a condition first to a true musical Exchange.



Musical and artistic vacation for children

The artistic experience in the scope of the younger
All children who participate in music trips do not become professional musicians, it is not our aim. But all will live to an intense artistic experience, all will live in a space and a time that will be dedicated to them and they will learn about life within a group. All will discover that they have expressed personal value to the group. It is the essential virtue of the artistic practise that of highlighting one's value within the group by being listened to and thanks to the reciprocity of an engagement in a project. It allows creative aspirations to be realized and confronted with concrete difficulties and resolved. It also allows to progress within a group which is itself evolving. Music here is a happy work, which in itself is its own reward, where any difficulty is defeated as an individual and collective work. The accomodation, the place and the many other activities proposed to the the children offer a place to live in a both protected and open environment. We will learn to build together instead of consuming, we will live together and experience the delight of creating something together.



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